The New 50 Shades of Grey Movie and Why Women Love It!

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50 Shades of Grey
The New 50 Shades of Grey Movie and Why Women Love It!

While the sexually sizzling ’50 Shades of Grey’ book trilogy became a legend in itself by finding itself being read secretly or openly by almost every woman in every part of the world, the new 50 Shades of Grey movie, starring the sexy Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele and the hot and handsome Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, has become an even bigger success with its opening weekend collections $81.7 million placing it among the most celebrated R-rated debuts in the Hollywood history.

With crowds of women crashing movie theatres and multiplexes to watch the bedroom excitement between Ana and Mr. Grey on screen, we list down the top reasons that make 50 Shades of Grey movie so irresistible to women! Pure Burning Desiren Nothing turns a woman on like the look of pure burning desire in a man’s eyes. With Mr. Grey’s eyes lusting for Ana intensely like an animal, women can’t help but croon and drool with sexual excitement.

Jamie and Dakota’s pairing has rightly brought Christian Grey’s intense desire and Ana’s submission to his lust on the silver screen. Every woman wants to be desired for in the most sensual and lustful manner by a man. The feeling of making a man go wild with desire drive women crazy and give a huge boost to their sensuality. No wonder the women love to see desire burning in Mr. Grey’s eyes every time he looks at Ana- ooh la la!

The Invoke of Sensuality The visuals in the movie are every bit as erotic and exciting as they have been described in the book. Women can’t help but feel their own sensuality being invoked every time they see Ana and Christian melting into each other. Nothing depicts bedroom excitement between than the erotic screenplay of 50 Shades of Grey that makes women fall in love with their own sensuality and makes them relive their wildest fantasies in their minds.

The Beauty of Sexual Surrender Most women fantasize of submitting to sexual domination. It is something that turns them on, makes them feel strongly desired for and gives them a sense of how much their beautiful bodies are admired and lusted. Women like the idea of surrendering themselves to a man’s strong desire and letting themselves be dominated by pure lust and desire. 50 Shades of Grey beautifully depicts domination and submission between Mr. Grey and Ana and makes women fans go crazy with excitement. After all, who doesn’t like to see her fantasy come alive!

It Has Everything That Women Are Lacking in Their Real Lives The movie, just like the book, brings women’s hidden desires come to life. The movie has something for every woman; after all, every woman is lacking something in her real sexual life. Some women are lacking bedroom excitement and sizzling chemistry in their romantic or married lives, some secretly crave being forced into submission, some fantasize about being lusted by a filthy rich guy and some just want an intense and confident guy like Christian in their lives to fuel their sexual desires. The movie is every woman’s escape into her fantasy world!

It’s Sexy as Hell! Every woman who has ever read and now watched the 50 Shades of Grey describes it in just one word-
SEXY!!! 50 Shades of Grey is downright sexy, naughty and sizzling hot and there’s simply no denying it. The movie has definitely not let the fans of the book down. Every frame is filled with naughty bedroom excitement, sexy bodies of Dakota and Jamie, intense sexual chemistry, hot dialogues and incessant desire. 50 Shades of Grey movie is the perfect amalgamation of women’s hottest desires and the most secret fantasies.

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